More and more comic characters have now been incorporated into the world of online casino. The increasing number of these comic book video slot machines seemed like all these characters came to life because of these games. The world of  online slot machine even evolved into the next level with the introduction of the fruit machine based on one of the most popular comic book and movie character Incredible Hulk.


In the year 1962 the comic book character has been introduced to the public. Ever since his introduction, Incredible Hulk never seems to disappear. The character was part of the characters in comic book Marvel Universe. The character since then has been portrayed in Tv series that a lot of people really patronized. The Incredible Hulk was portrayed by a famous actor then ,Lou Ferrigo. Now, Incredible Hulk has been portrayed in movies along with the other Marvel universe characters.


What makes it exciting that Incredible hulk has now been incorporated in a fruit machine is that there a lot features that the fruit machine has cannot be found in other machine. Nudges, cash ladder and holds are most likely exclusive and cannot be found in other games. Beside these features, the incredible hulk free game has many more perks. It Hulk game boards that has many features where you can win more cash and rewards. Because of the many features and  perks of this game, surely there will be a lot going on in the screen at a time.Playing this game may require a little of getting used to. However, a few spins of this fruit machine game, you will get the hang of it in no time.


One perfect example of a feature of this fruit machine is the cash ladder. This may seem complex but it actually is not. A number will be displayed in the right of the reels as you spin  the hulk slots machine. If you hit a winning combination, you can gamble your winnings by guessing if the following number will be higher or lower. With this particular feature, you can jackpot as much as $2000 dollars.



If you are wondering how much would it cost you to experience the fun and excitement in this game, you do not have worry about anything. You can gamble as little as $0.50. How fun would this game be that you can bet just little but you can gain tons of rewards and prices. You may read further about hulk slots at